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Scrub away the bad sheet. Ditch the loofah and upgrade to this mesh exfoliating sheet that buffs away dead skin and dry patches for visibly brighter, softer skin. Pro tip: pair it with All Body Wash for a foamier lather and a deeper cleanse.


Wet the sheet and apply All Body Wash or your favorite body cleanser. Hold both ends of the sheet, stretching as needed, and move in a back-and-forth motion onto your skin. After use, rinse and hang to air dry.

What it’s good for:

-Unclogging pores and preventing ingrown hairs

-Buffing away rough, dry skin, or the appearance of KP

-Prepping your pores for the rest of your skin and hair care routine

Pair it with:

-All Body Wash for a deeper and more thorough cleanse

-Silk Scrub to powerfully exfoliate and smooth over bumps

Follow up with:

-Shave Cream for an utterly razor burn-proof and ingrown-free shave

-Fur Oil seal in moisture and prevent KP from flaring up


100% Nylon. Machine wash warm with like colors. Hang to dry. Reusable. Replace after 90 days of use.

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