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3-Step Post-Workout Skin Care Routine

As the weather turns warmer, your exercise regimen may take you from the confines of your local gym to the playground of the great outdoors. From a breezy morning jog to intense training for a triathlon, there are plenty of ways to get outside and raise a sweat. Whether you like to run, bike or swim (or all three!), an easy and effective post-workout skin care routine is the key to maintaining your skin's health.

Inspired by the hard work and dedication of the #SpasPushingLimits Ironman team, we have compiled a 3-step post-workout skin care routine to help our athletes (and you!) keep their skin in tip-top shape after their big race.

Whether you're training for an Ironman or taking a brisk walk around the block, here's how to add Eminence Organics to your exercise routine:


Do you ever wonder, "Is sweating good for you?' The answer is yes and no. While sweat can work wonders for your complexion by carrying with it any gunk and grime that is clogging your pores, it's important to cleanse your skin quickly so debris doesn't settle on its surface. To keep your skin looking its best, washing your face immediately after exercising is a must.Due to an increase in blood flow, your skin can be ultra-sensitive following a workout. For this reason, health and wellness experts recommend washing your face with a cooling, gel-based cleanser like Eminence Organics Stone Crop Gel Wash. Packed with a hydrating stonecrop, this award-winning cleanser gently removes impurities and hydrates for a bright and smooth looking complexion.

If hitting the shower immediately after your workout is out of the question, opt for a multi-tasking product like Eminence Organics Rice Milk 3 in 1 Cleansing Water. This gentle, moisturizing cleansing water removes impurities, brightens skin's appearance and gently removes makeup, all with the swipe of a cotton pad. Bonus: it can be left on if you're rushing out the door.


The next step in your post-workout skin care routine should be to apply a refreshing facial mist or toner. Well + Good is a fan of this skin care step, saying 'it's like running through a sprinkler after a blood flow boosting workout.

For normal to oily skin types, we recommend spritzing Eminence Organics Lime Refresh Tonique, a refreshing toner that harnesses the power of lime juice to minimize the look of pores and invigorate the skin. If your skin tends toward the drier side of the spectrum, choose Eminence Organics Stone Crop Hydrating Mist to brighten and hydrate your complexion after exercising.


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