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DIY Nail Polish Colours

If you've ever searched in vain for that special shade of pink or the perfect sheer glittery polish, this project is for you! By combining a ready-to-use polish base with your own blend of mineral colorants, you can create your own original shades of nail polish in minutes! This project is a really fun way to bring DIY nail art to the next level.

I like using a 3-free suspending base to make my own nail polish, but if you prefer using polishes that are 5-free or 8-free, you can use your favorite clear nail polish instead. This 8-free topcoat would be a good choice. Just keep in mind that regular clear polish may not suspend the colorants as well as a suspending base, so you'll need to shake the polish a little bit longer before use.

You can use pretty much any oil-based or oil-dispersible cosmetic colorant to color your nail polish. Just make sure that whatever you are using is made for cosmetic use. Craft glitters, food dyes or other non-cosmetic colorants might not behave well in nail polish since they aren't designed for that purpose.

My favorite colorants for nail polish are mineral micas. These powdered colorants provide shimmering color in a whole rainbow of shades. For bright colored shades that are clear and glossy, look for oil-dispersible colorants like ultramarines and oxides. For matte color, try adding a pinch of cornstarch.


  • suspending nail polish base,
  • empty nail polish bottles with tops and nail polish mixing balls,
  • miniature funnels,
  • micas, oil-based colorants, and/or cosmetic glitters,
  • and popsicle sticks or miniature scoops.
  • For steps on how to make your own nail polish, read the full article from A Beautiful Mess.

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