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Brazilian "Wax"

There’s a BRAZILIAN Reasons to get Sugared at Sugar Bare!

Bikini, Extended Bikini, Brazilian... whats the difference!?

Bikini is anything outside the underwear line. Quick clean up.  Extended Bikini is anything outside the underwear line and that little bit further in. For those cheeky bikini bottoms. Does not include “between the cheeks” but can be added to your appointment when booking

When it comes to Brazilians, you have options!

A Brazilian sugar includes all hair down there, from bikini line, to front, in between and the backside.

If going completely bare isn’t your thing, there is always an option to leave a landing strip ✈ or a triangle 🔺️. It is your body, your appointment, style it the way you want 💚 We are here for you!

All appointments do not include inner thigh, but is something you can add on to your appointment when booking.

The 3 Time Rule!

The more you sugar the less painful it is.  The stories we create in our head is ALWAYS worse than the real experience!  Don't freak yourself out!

I always talk to clients about the 3 time rule. The first appointment yes it can be painful, the hair hasn't been removed from the root. The bulb at the base of the hair is enlarged.

Your second appointment the pain is cut almost in half!

The more you sugar the weaker the roots get and the easier it it to remove the hair. Hair will grow back much softer, not as coarse and a lot more sparse!

You got this! 

Sugaring Tip...Its Not Weird

We are licensed professionals that strive to make everyone feel comfortable! No need to feel embarrassed or shy during your appointment.

We’ve encountered many women who have had to build up the courage to get a Brazilian, not because of the pain but simply because they’re afraid of what there Sugaristas will think of their lady!

Here’s the thing, all of our Sugarista’s are here for You! We do this job for You! Sugar Bare is a supportive safe space free of judgement and FULL of body positivity!

Price List

Pricing For Her

Lower BodyNon-MembersMembers
Brazilian (includes between the cheeks)$60.00$49.00- $39.99
Extended Bikini$35.00$22.00
Bikini Line$25.00$18.00
Between The Cheeks$12.00$8.00
Add Ons     Non-MembersMembers       
Ingrown Micro Dart Patch                    $5.00$5.00

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